Our Story


“I think the idea for the Lime Green brand began when I crafted the first outfit for my oldest child. Selecting the fabrics, patterns and colors was almost as much fun as seeing the finished product being worn for the first time. Today, I get that same feeling each season as I sit down to create clothing for your children. I love knowing that they will be wearing well made traditional children’s clothing that is also affordable. Clothing designed for them and not for an adult. Welcome to the Lime Green family. We hope that our clothes will be a part of all the happy memories that you and your children will make together.”

- Ginger Waters, Founder

The Story of Our Name

My favorite color is lime green. If it’s a color option for anything, any time, (yes, even glasses), I will choose it. The color just makes me smile. It is my hope that Lime Green, the brand, brings smiles to mamas and their children every time they put on a Lime Green outfit. At Lime Green, it is our wish that all of your days are filled with Lime Green moments.